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February 22, 2011

Special Message About This Site…

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Hey all,

A very kind soul in Australia informed me recently of a video not embedding properly in one of the posts on this site.  So, naturally, I went and looked  into the issue.

To my dismay, I found the bulk of my videos were not embedded here anymore as they once were. 😦

So, what’s up?

Well, the deal with this site (as well as a few others I try to maintain) is that posts are dynamically added through a free service I use online and they are supposed to post every time I publish a new tutorial. Clearly there was a hiccup somewhere along the line.

Yeah Tad I noticed so what’s next?

Well, for starters, I’m going to go through all the posts and get the videos back up again.  This process is unfortunately and needlessly time-consuming (but needs to be done).  After that’s done, I’m no longer going to post to this site.  I don’t see the point in checking this site out to make sure the service I am using is working properly. I won’t for a variety of reason, but mostly I simply don’t have the time :(.

So, that all said, I am going to focus on posting to my main site and a few other video sites out there (that still appear to syndicating properly).

By far, the best experience you can have finding and viewing my tutorials, is on my main site at: http://www.SimpleWordPressHelp.com

It’s much better organized, it gets my tutorials first and I’m always adding to it. So please accept my apologies on how badly this  site degraded (it’s certainly NOT WordPress’ fault) and come and see me at my main headquarters on the web!

Thanks for your time folks,




February 17, 2011

Ep. 29: A More In-depth Look at Embedding Images…

In episode two found here, I hit on the basics of embedding images into the posts and pages of your WordPress site. In this tutorial I take a more in-depth look into image embeds and the options that are afforded to you.

So consider this a companion piece to my second episode from ages ago! And yes, the old stuff still works and applies to the WordPress version we all know and love today. 🙂



February 9, 2011

Ep. 28 – How to Install a New Theme…

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hq0kgqLMIQA%5D

Need to give you blog a fresh coat of paint? Themes are definitely your answer. WordPress themes can breath new life into a blog, but they can also create headaches if you are not careful.

In this tutorial I cover how to install, preview and activate a new theme on your WordPress site. I also cover the pitfalls you can encounter while applying a new theme and how you can avoid them.

Hope it’s useful to you!



January 23, 2011

Ep. 27 – All About Document Embeds…

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hq0kgp6QDQA%5D
In this episode I tackle an under-utilized aspect of WordPress that a lot of folks may not even know exists: uploading and linking to documents on your WordPress site.

Sure, we all know you can embed pictures, audio and video on your site, but a lot of folks rarely ever upload pdf’s, PowerPoint, Word or Excel files. Luckily the ability to do so is baked into WordPress and it’s totally easy to utilize.

So next time there’s a blog member-wide BBQ going down over the weekend, don’t send some huge sized file over email. Just send a link to the post that contains the file. Simple and familiar to all involved!

Hopefully this is useful to you!


January 14, 2011

Ep. 26 – Making Your Blog More Private…

Have you had a public blog and recently wanted to make it private (for whatever reason)? Starting a new blog and simply want it to be for yourself and no one else? Starting a new blog that you don’t want the world to know about?

If so, than this episode is for you! I show you all the ways to make your self-hosted WordPress blog as private as possible with everything WordPress provides out of the box.

If you want to go the plugin route. Here are some suggestions from WordPress themselves:

PLEASE NOTE! – I am not responsible for whether or not these plugins work, on OR effect your blog! As always, please proceed with caution, back up your blog and use your best judgement.

wordpress.com blog owner? Making your entire blog private is super simple. Check WordPress’ tutorial right here: http://wordpress.tv/2009/01/14/setting-your-posts-or-entire-blog-to-private/



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